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Moreland Legal knows exactly what it takes to help you in all your business endeavors. From strategic advice on developing your company to negotiation practices, Moreland Legal is not only a law firm, but a confidant you can trust to help make the right decisions.

Estate Planning

Moreland Legal understands that thinking of a world without you in it is not something most people like to think about, however, everyone should be adequately prepared regardless of his or her current situation to ease the stress of family members at sensitive and emotionally charged times. Moreland Legal helps you let your loved ones know what you truly want by tailoring your estate plan to support you during your life and after death.


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Moreland Legal, PLLC focuses on helping small businesses and start-ups with all their legal needs and tailoring estate plans that cater to your specific situation. Serving the greater Charlotte area, Moreland Legal is committed to responsiveness and personalized attention by getting to know each of its clients and developing ongoing relationships.